How to Get Healthy Before a Trip Abroad

You read countless articles about places to see on a trip, guides about packing, and even step-by-step budget planners. Very few articles discuss the physical strain of a trip. You experience jet lag and fatigue. Your feet develop blisters from walking in the wrong area with the wrong shoes.

Your body goes through a lot on an international vacation or trip. To get healthier before a trip, try these methods.

Take Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements ensure that your body receives the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. These supplements are not to be used as meal or food replacements. They are simply used to fill a nutrient gap. For example, someone who hates dairy, should still drink or eat at least one dairy product a day. However, they can take a calcium pill to help fill some of that missing daily calcium.

Trip Abroad

Multivitamins help strengthen and repair certain body parts, regulate moods, and boost energy. Start a multivitamin regime prior to the trip to help ensure a balanced diet, which will allow you to reap the benefits.

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Change Diet

Vitamin supplements work best with a healthy diet. Speak with a nutritionist and health specialist before making any major diet changes. If you get a nutritionist’s approval, start your new diet with a detox. Most detoxes only last a few days. Next, get the recommended amount of servings of vegetables, fruits, carbs, and proteins.

Most likely, you won’t be measuring or paying much attention to everything you consume in another country. However, it is best to prepare your body for the diet shift. Cleansing your body from unhealthy foods should help it adjust to any drastic food changes.

For example, you vacation in a country that mainly serves vegetable based meals. By eating less meat in your home country, you help your body crave it less while on vacation.


Daily, walk at least an hour. At least once a week, change your walking environment: try walking up a hill one day, and walking a trail another day. The more you walk, the more endurance you build for long walks on rough terrain.

These exercises are great to develop stamina, and help your body transition to climates that greatly vary from your current one.

Mental Exercises

Sometimes, trips cause stress and anxiety. For many, it’s easy to just do a little pep talking to readjust your focus to the excitement of the trip. For others, the stress and anxiety can become so overwhelming that it could ruin your trip.

Lower your anxiety by journaling, meditating, and talking to yourself or others about your worries. Also try listening to positive affirmation tapes to ease some fears.

It is just as important to mentally prepare for a trip as it is to physically prepare.

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