Best 5 Komodo Dragon Facts

With the rapid growth of industrialization, the needs for perfection keep on elevating in our society, thus increasing the stress for everyone. To relieve the stress, going on a short trip becomes a great choice. Komodo Island can be considered as the best destinations to relieve your stress. In this island, you can see the largest lizard in the world called Komodo.

In the following list, we will give a brief explanation about komodo dragon facts that you need to know before your trip.

  • Around komodos, no meat is safe: most type of lizards, including komodo, possess forked tongues that are able to recognize airborne, microscopic, taste particles. Once the tongue is exposed to the air, it gets retracted and the prongs are entering the Jacobson’s organ of the animal that is situated at the top of the mouth. This mechanism allows the dragon to sense its preys that are located as far as 2 miles away.
  • Komodos have killed four people at least for the last forty-one years: the dead of human after encountering komodo were documented around the year 2009, 2007, 2000, and 1974. The latest attack happened to a man that accidentally fell from apple tree and was attacked by 2 dragons. Generally, komodo dragons do not prefer killing over raiding graves. With this fact, local people often pile rocks on the tombs of their loved one to avoid the tombs from being raided by komodos.
  • George Bush was given a live komodo as a present: during his term as President of United States, George Bush received a male komodo named Naga from Indonesia’s government. The president handed the komodo to Cincinnati Zoo. The komodo died in 2007 at the ages of 24 after producing thirty-two youngsters.
  • The maximum amount of food that they can eat in one seating is 80% of their body weight: komodos are blessed with a very flexible jaws that allow them to swallow huge creatures in one go. It can even swallows piglets as a whole in one sitting without having too much problems.
  • Komodo dragons are venomous: back then, it was widely known that komodos’ saliva are filled with very deadly bacteria and a single bite that contain the spit will be enough to kill a buffalo. However, a new discovery was found in 2009. Brian Fry, a biochemist, did a test on komodos’ saliva to search for the said deadly bacteria that are claimed to be able to kill with just one bite. He found out that the amount of bacteria in komodo’s saliva is actually lower than most carnivorous mammals and no dangerous bacteria was found. Instead, he found venom glands that are located in lower jaw. This komodo dragon venom is able to cause excruciating pain, paralysis, tissue damage, major blood loss, and inadequate clotting.

Those are several facts of komodo dragon. If you want to see this exotic lizard, you can just visit Komodo Island that is located in Flores Province, Indonesia. There will always be a guide that will assist you during your tour in Komodo Island, but you still need to be cautious when you are around this animal.